Modele Shutters

Okiennice wewnętrzne drewniane Vancouver


It is constructed of Western Red Cedar and is recognized as the best wood because of technical and esthetic reasons available in paint, lacquered and oiled finishing materials.

In oiled form it is used in apartments, houses of rustic character where natural style needs to be expressed.


Okiennice wewnętrzne drewniane Portland


Shutters are made of high quality Cottonwood. Reinforced panel with wooden core mounted inside prevents against any deformation.

Shutters are suitable for places where additional strength is required, for example hotels or restaurants.


Okiennice drewniane Phonix


Japanese larch has light color and is lightweight this characteristic makes the wood perfect for shutters of huge dimensions. It occurs only in Eastern Asia.

This is like white wood and the color resembles the oak. Its mass make is perfect for huge construction of Tier On Tier type.


Okiennice drewniane Boston


This is wooden shutter of lime tree wood, it is price competitive and very popular material for shutters.

It has three various shades of white and limited stylistics.


Okiennice wewnętrzne drewniane


Engineer product constructed of LVL core, external LDF coat and polymer, covered with three very resistant finishing materials.

It is resistant and easy to clean. It is bought mainly due to attractive appearance.


Okiennice wewnętrzne drewniane Holywood


Painted polymer shutter which is suitable to bathrooms, conservatories and other austere interiors.

It is available in six standard types, etched on ABS, finished with cedar rigid sills and covered by 63mm or 89mm long blinds slats. If you need solid shutter of high quality - this is it.


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